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All board chair minutes will be posted here in chronological order.

BCR Minutes 03-13-13


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BCR Minutes 03-06-13


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BCR Minutes 02-27-13


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BCR Minutes 02-06-13


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BCR Minutes


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BCR Minutes 01-23-13


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BCR Minutes 11-07-12

Board of Constitutional Review

Meeting Minutes from Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Location: Adanti Student Center Room 218

Call to Order: 12:19 PM

Attendance: Jermaine Williams (chairperson), Alex Audet, Julia Yambao, Nicole Cassidy, John Eno, Sal Rizza (advisor)

The Following Proposals were discussed and Jermaine will be contacting the students from these organizations regarding the following:

  • Botany Club- The constitution needs to be typed and the necessary changes need to be added
  • Democracy matters- Jermaine is looking for more clarification about the organization, particularly about the National Organization that it is affiliated with
  • Operation Smiles- This is a group that is affiliated with a national organization. BCR needs some clarification about what they define as quorum.  Alex will work on this constitution and serve as the contact person.
  • The Fight for Change Club- There is a proposal but not constitution. Jermaine will send them an e-mail asking for a constitution.
  • The Financial Management Association- There is some confusion as to whether or not the organization wants to be a new organization on campus or students are simply looking to affiliate it with another organization that previously existed on campus, the Finance Club. There is no contact and no proposal attached to the constitution. Jermaine will see if Kristina has any information for someone to contact.
  • Computer Club- They submitted a revised constitution but did not indicate what the changes were or submit the old constitution with it.

Proposals are in currently in review for the following organizations:

  • Wish maker
  • Speech and Language Hearing Association
  • Exposure (Photography club)
  • Meditation Club  

Old Business:

  • Parkour and Free Running Society- Jermaine sent them an e-mail regarding his concerns. The response back from the student was that many other college campuses do not allow any sort of Parkour organization as a recognized organization on their campuses. There are several areas of concern regarding safety and the nature of the organization.
  • Women’s Rugby Club- no progress as of yet
  • Travel Club- Nicole reached out to the contact person for the Travel Club but due to lack of interest the student is not longer pursuing the creation of the organization and has instead decided to join up with the Recreation Club.
  • Alpha Omega Christian Club- Denise and Sal are looking into further details about the organization.
  • Clubs Status Reference Guide- Sal asked if BCR could create a quick reference guide or spread sheet about the status of the organizations which would include information such as which clubs are recognized organizations and which clubs are in the proposal phase. Sal will work with Julia on creating this guide.

Meeting adjourned: 1:04 PM

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BCR Minutes 10-10-12

BCR Meeting Minutes for October 10, 2012

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BCR Minutes 09-12-12

Board of Constitutional Review

Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I.         Call to Order: 12:19 PM

II.         Attendance: Brian Pedalino, Nicole Cassidy, John Eno, Jermaine Williams (chairperson)

III.         BCR Workshop- Jermaine created information packets for BCR members so that everyone has information about what BCR, how to look over a constitution etc.

IV.         New Proposals

  1. Travel Club-Nicole will look over the Travel Club constitution suggest any necessary changes.
  2. Social media Club- Jermaine will look over the Travel Club constitution suggest any necessary changes.
  3. People to People- Jermaine will talk to Sal about the status of the People to People constitution
  4. Bocce- A rep from BCR needs to contact a rep from the Bocce club to see if they still would like to have an interest meeting
  5. Greek Life Council- Jermaine will send Sal a PDF of the GLC constitution

V.         Updates

  1. Class Government- Tabled until next meeting when Jermaine can get an update from Sal

VI.         Policies

  1. Last year’s BCR created a club manual and Jermaine will work on editing it and bringing it to the next meeting to review

VII.         Members Report

  1. Jermaine- Jermaine is working on setting up a time to meet with all three commissioners in order to establish the guidelines for their constitutions. He is also working on the constitution for the Alpha Omega Christian Club and will be going to their interest meeting following the BCR meeting.
  2. John- John is still reviewing the constitution for the Women’s Rugby Club.
  3. Meeting Adjourn: Nicole Moves. Brian Seconds. Meeting adjourned at 12:37pm

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BCR Minutes 09-05-12

Student Government Association

Board Of Constitutional Review

September 5, 2012

  1. Call to Order at 12:22pm
  2. Attendance: Jermaine Williams (chairperson), John Eno, and Brian Pedalino, (Advisor) Sal Rizza
  3. Chair Report
    1. New Proposals

i.     Alpha Omega Club of the Southern Connecticut State University are all set and Jermaine just need to set up a time for an interest meeting to attend.

ii.     Southern Connecticut State University Women’s Rugby Club, John will be working this club to review and finalize the constitution.

iii.     The Public Health Society, John move to approve the Public Health Society changes/amendments to their membership and Brian seconds the motion. Motion pass 2-0-0.

iv.     Travel Club will be delegated to a member for review.

v.     People to People Club, Jermaine will review to see what is needed and the specifics.

vi.     The Social Media Club will be delegated to a member for review.

    1. Updates

i.     Leadership Commission – Jermaine will work with all the commissions to establish their bylaw/constitution for the semester.

ii.     Class Government, Jermaine will consult with Sal to get an understanding of how to structure the class government.

    1.  Policies, Jermaine will look into having deadline for the acceptance of new club proposal.
  1. Members Report
    1. Brian- “Keep living life and smile”
  2. Advisors Report – no report
  3. Announcements and Concerns – no announcements and Concerns.
  4. Adjournment: Brian moves to adjourn the meeting at 12:54pm and John second the motion. Motion passes 2-0-0

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