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All board chair minutes will be posted here in chronological order.

BPR Minutes 09-26-12

Board of Public Relations

September 26, 2012 at 3:00 PM


  1. Meeting Called to Order: 3:04


  1. Attendance: Marcus, Matt (chairperson), Jermaine, Cam


  1. Old Business
    1. Club Fair: very successful and went well. A lot of people signed up and were interested.
  1. New Business
    1. New Logo Proofs: Marcus and Cam will continue to create proofs of logos during office hours.
    2. Promotional Ideas: Got ideas of staplers from Darter. They were $1.82 each for minimum 250, which is $455.00. We are going to look for more prices.


  1. Questions or Comments


  1. Adjourn: 3:20 Marcus 1st, Cam 2nd

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BPR Minutes 09-19-12

Board of Public Relations

Sept 19th 2012 at 3:00 PM

  1. Meeting Called to Order: 3:04 PM


  1. Attendance: Matt (chairperson), Cam, Marcus, Jermaine


  1. Old Business
    1. Bulletin Board: We decided that we would continue to put information on the bulletin boards. Marcus proposed that we should put our faces as well as a group shot of everyone from SGA on the board. I want to do that after the elections.
    2. Mini-Staplers: I am going to look at prices to bring to the meeting next week.


  1. New Business
    1. New Logo: Cam volunteered to work on the logo for the body meeting on Friday
    2. Promotional Ideas: We also mentioned possibly getting Frisbees. We thought that could be a fun promotional idea and a fun way to promote SGA.


  1. Questions or Comments
  2. Adjourn: 3:20 PM, Marcus 1st, Cam 2nd

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BPR Minutes 09-12-12

Board of Public Relations

Minutes from September 12, 2012 at 3:00 PM

  1. Meeting Called to Order: 3:03 pm


  1. Attendance: Marcus, Natalie, Jermaine, Cam, Matt (chairperson)


  1. Old Business
    1. Club Fair: Cam said he is going to update the pamphlets during his office hours Thursday. Matt and Marcus are going to work on the tri-fold board for the table. We plan to give out any pens or mints that we have as well.
    2. Bulletin Board: We are going to start working on the board next week after club fair.
  1. New Business
    1. New Logo: Erin and I made a rough sketch of a logo that everyone liked so far. We plan to have a completed logo to bring to the board next week. Marcus said to try to incorporate the owl into the logo somehow.
    2. Promotional Ideas: We want to move forward in getting mini-staplers and possibly putting the new logo on them when the logo is completed. Also thinking about ordering more pens.


  1. Questions or Comments: Natalie brought up the question of when we are going to order apparel. I (matt) said that first I wanted to finish a logo to put on the apparel and we are going to look into apparel more. My goal is to have apparel ready for the new reps in October.
  2. Adjourned: 3:33 pm; 1st Natalie, 2nd Marcus

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BPR Minutes 09-05-12

Board Of Public Relations Minutes

Sept 5th 2012 at 4:00pm

  1. Meeting called to order: 4:02 pm


  1. Attendance: Matt (chairperson), Cam, Marcus, Jermaine


  1. Old Business: Brief review of Retreat Notes


  1. New Business:
    1. Promotional ideas for semester: Marcus said mini staplers. Matt also mentioned possibly Iphone cases, depending on price, and Koozies
    2. Club Fair:

v Jermaine, Marcus and Matt are going to work on the new tri-fold board for the SGA table

v Cam is going to work on updating the pamphlets for the club fair as well

C.   Bulletin Boards: We decided that the bulletin board in front of ASC 201 will be an info board about the SGA members. There will also be additional information there about meeting times for boards and body meeting. We want to make the board fun to gain new members. The board in font of the office will have information about the commissions and important events on campus such as homecoming, day of service, spring week.


  1. Website:

v Jermaine volunteers to update website

v Matt volunteers to update SGA Facebook

v Marcus volunteers to update SGA Twitter


  1. Adjourned: 1st-Marcus, 2nd Cam- 4:23 pm


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BPR Minutes 04-11-12

Board of Public Relations

April 11, 2012

        I.            Attendance: Andrell (Chair), Bethany, Matt, Jermaine, Sarah

II.            Called to Order: 1:10pm

III.            Old Business

  1. Logo

i.      Was told wings were too angel like, realized it was better to just go simple instead of trying to be extravagant.

ii.      Proposal will be to have one Logo with no wings. (See below)

  1. Bulletin Boards

i.      Andrell talked to Denise and she said she has to talk to Eric about the designation of the new boards

ii.      Andrell talked to Kaitlyn, who said the new boards haven’t been assigned to anyone yet.

iii.      We will Go ahead and use original board to promote events and things going on throughout the end of the semester.

  1. Pins

i.      Andrell got info about them and was told they would take about 4-6 weeks so they are a no go.

IV.            New Business

  1. BPR goals for the end of the semester

i.      Keep updating Facebook and Twitter

ii.      Get the Password for the twitter

iii.      Making sure board chairs are sending minutes to SGA email so they can continue to be uploaded

iv.      Work to put all the info I have together for new board chair

V.            Adjourn: 1:27

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BPR Minutes 04-04-12

Board of Public Relation

April 4, 2012

        I.            Attendance – Bethany Tuller, Matt Podgurski, Andrell Hoyte, Jermaine Williams

II.            Call to order – 1:05 pm

III.            Old Business

  1. No old Business

IV.            New Business

  1. Logo

i.      We have two logos to choose between, the one with the wings and the other without the wings. Andrell suggests we use both. Use the wings for fun things and the other for official business and official documents.

ii.      Bethany suggest looking for a more owl like wings

  1. Boards

i.      There is another board available but we might have to give up our old one. We should keep our old board if we cannot keep both.

ii.      Finish the old Board.

  1. New things for End of Semester

i.      Pins with our new logo for our last meeting

  1. Announcement and Concerns

i.      The websites is updated, except for body minutes

ii.      Just remind everyone to send minutes to the SGA email.

V.            Adjournment

  1. Meeting adjourned at 1:25 pm

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BPR Minutes 03-28-12

BPR Minutes – 03/28/2012

v Call to Order – 1:05pm

v Attendance Andrell, Matt, Nicole, Jermaine

v Old Business

  • Ø Haven’t had an official meeting in 2 weeks
  • Ø Spent last two meetings updating board and website.
    • SGA Website
      • Jermaine has put up SGA minutes and all board minutes that he has received.
  • SGA Board progress in limbo
    • Figuring out if we are using the board outside our room or if we are keeping the one in from of 201. Don’t have all the details.

v New Business

  • Ø Still need pictures of Mary, Cory, Tom, Jeff…need to coordinate with TV station to use camera and background
  • Ø Need people who will help to be responsible for redoing the Board in front of 201
    • New posters, advertisements and brochures
    • Ø New ideas for promotions
      • Pins, Frisbees etc…

v Adjourn – 1:27pm

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